Easy learning

With our easy learning tutorials
you will find 3d printing
within reach.  
Join us at our playground!
Do you want a challenge?
make something 3d!
feel like playing?
Your creation 
within reach.
Our Philosophy

We all already realize that 3D printing technology is great news !

"With a hammer in your hand everything looks like a nail" – so, with a 3D printer in your hands, you can explore the boundaries of your creativity; ideas will no longer be captured in your mind but will emerge into the physical world !

The 3D printer will no longer be a fantastic tool for engineers and academics but an asset to be used by everyone!

We believe that this technology creates and contributes to a new means of positive communication.

Our Passion

We strive for consistent development to deliver the best user-friendly and cutting-edge technological environment for the creative maker, wherever you are.

Our Vision

We believe that a 3D printer will be a "must" appliance in our homes, work places and in our daily routines, and an essential part of our creative environment and culture.

We want to be there alongside mankind in this revolution to enable people to enhance and materialize their creativity and improve their quality of life – for a better world!

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